Let us introduce ourselves.

We are Bomberbot. We are a social enterprise founded in the Netherlands in 2014. It is our mission to bring digital skills to girls and boys around the globe. In 2020 we joined Coderise, an organization that provides software education to the underprivileged in Latin America and the USA. We are very proud that, as of today, we will work together towards our joint ambition: making digital skills and basic computer science skills available for everyone to learn.

Why digital skills?

We believe that digital skills are necessary in the 21st century. Technology is everywhere. Because we use it every day to learn, play and work, digital skills are vital. Being digitally literate helps us to make conscious and responsible choices about how and when to use technology. It is important that kids learn about the amazing opportunities technology brings. But they should also be aware of the potential threats of the internet and (social) media.

At Bomberbot we teach digital literacy in a fun and easy way. In the Netherlands, more than 175.000 kids have already learned digital skills with Bomberbot. It is our goal to always make sure our programs are both fun and educational. Both for the kids who are learning digital skills and for the teachers and trainers that use our materials to teach. Over 7.500 teachers and trainers have helped us teach digital skills with Bomberbot’s materials and programs.

An exciting road ahead…

We can’t wait to get to know the teachers, parents and kids in the USA. With six years of experience in organizing live Codecamps in the Netherlands, we are beyond excited to launch a brand new program in the USA: a remote bootcamp program. Our online teachers will teach kids aged 12-14 all about programming games. Through fun assignments and activities, kids will learn basic programming concepts and to design, create and customize online games.

Want to learn more about the program we offer for kids in the USA? Check out our remote bootcamp program here.

Bomberbot team

Cristian Bello
Founder & CEO
Kirsten van Smirren
Education specialist and curriculum developer
Sjoera Buurma
Partnership Manager
Maxime van Trier
Engagement Manager
Robrecht Jurriaans

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