Bomberbot and Club Adventure launch summer camp to learn programming

Bomberbot and Club Adventure Youth Holidays are organizing Code Camps together this summer. The children (8-13 years) learn to program their own game in one week.

Parents don’t have to worry about their kids sitting behind the screen all day: Club Adventure has been organizing children’s camps in beautiful outdoor locations surrounded by nature for more than 30 years. Every day children receive 3 hours of programming lessons, the rest of the day Club Adventure organizes fun and challenging outdoor activities such as a climbing forest, escape room and a campfire. Children also spend the night there.

The need for programming lessons is great among children and young people. Many schools already offer programming lessons, but by no means all schools have implemented this in their curriculum:

 “We have been active with our teaching program in schools since 2014, but we were increasingly asked by parents whether we can also offer extracurricular courses. That is why we started organizing Code Camps in 2017. More than 2500 children have now participated in a Code Camp,” said Sjoera Buurma, Bomberbot project leader. “Many parents find it important that their children not only consume technology but also learn that they can create this technology themselves.”

Learning how games are programmed helps children understand how devices work and how computers and apps work. Through programming, children work on essential skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and of course computational thinking (thinking like a computer). These are 21st-century skills that are extremely important in the digital world we live in. The Code Camps are especially for children to learn to program and develop digital skills in a fun and accessible way. After the Code Camp, the children know the basics of programming and have programmed their own game that can be played by friends and family.

Bomberbot, an organization with the mission of making all children digitally proficient in and out of school, started organizing Code Camps in 2017. With Bomberbot’s extracurricular program, children aged 8-13 learn in one week how to design and program their own game or website. Due to the Corona pandemic, Bomberbot offered all classes online this year, via Zoom.

In addition, Bomberbot offers a continuous Digital Literacy learning pathway for primary and secondary schools. With this, Bomberbot has reached 170,000 students.

Club Adventure has been organizing youth holidays since 1990 and considers quality and safety of paramount importance. In addition to the Code Camps, Club Adventure also organizes survival camps, game camps, adventure camps and much more.

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