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Our team’s mission is to empower girls and boys with the necessary skills to become successful citizens of the modern society.

We provide accessible and engaging solutions for teaching and learning 21st century skills such as media literacy and computational thinking.

Our mission: a digitally skilled next global generation

We believe it is important that all girls and boys develop skills that are important in the 21st century. We live in a digitizing world that is changing at a tremendous pace. We use technology to live, work, play and learn. But not everyone has the digital skills to do this the responsible way. That is why it is our mission to offer all boys and girls the opportunity to develop digital skills. We believe this should be easy and fun for everyone.

With the help of over 7,500 teachers more than 180,000 primary school children have developed digital skills through our digital literacy courses. Digital skills are important to everyone. Worldwide. Therefore we are very proud to have joined Coderise in 2020. A great opportunity to expand our organization’s impact and reach.

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